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Choosing Your Wedding Gown

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  • Wedding Gown Terms and Design Elements
    Your wedding gown is perhaps the most important item you'll purchase during your planning. But choosing the right dress involves much more than just deciding between white and ivory. So we've come up with a glossary of terms that will help you pick the perfect design.
  • Celebrity Wedding Dresses For Less
    Ever wish you could afford a Celebrity Wedding Dress? Celebrity style wedding dresses cost a lot don't they? Guess what! You can look star-fabulous and still keep it affordable. We've compiled a list...
  • Wedding Gowns to Suite Your Shape and Style
    How do you make sure that your wedding gown makes you look like a Queen and not .. well, not something else!? You listen and watch your body. And I’ll tell you how to do that.
  • Wedding Gown Choices
    How do you select from the many Wedding Gown Choices the best one for you? Here is advice about selecting the best dress for your wedding. Wedding Dress Choices.

A beautiful wedding gown or wedding dress close-upChoosing your wedding gown or dress is one of the very most difficult decisions for your wedding for many couples.

All too often the bride to be makes the decision without much help from her partner.

Men, please do take an active interest!

Your bride will really appreciate your help in the choice, and after all; the choice should be important to both of you so that both of you are really happy with the result.

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