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Wedding Gowns to Suite Your Shape and Style
Wedding Dresses...

Today I’m really focusing on Wedding dresses. I have seen so
many “mishaps” with dresses and so many that make the girls
absolutely look like a Queen.

So how do you make sure that you look like a Queen and not ..
well, not something else!? You listen and watch your body. And
I’ll tell you how to do that.Wedding dress during a dance

We are all shaped differently weather we like it or not. I
know, I know… we all want to look like Paris Hilton with those
long legs and thin toned arms right? Well, you are not Paris
Hilton, so get over it! You are you and that is something very
special! Be proud of the way you are.

I am half Swedish and half Scottish. I have long lean muscles
like the Swedish girls do, however, I have do have very broad
shoulders and muscular thighs from my Scottish ancestry. Now for
my Wedding dress I really wanted a mermaid style dress. You
know, where it’s tight all the way down and flares right there
at the knees. Well, as much as my soon to be husband loved every
inch of me he had to honestly tell me that it was not the right
style for my particular body because of my broad shoulders.

I was angry and insisted it’s what all the stars wear and that
its beautiful. He agreed that all the stars and famous people
wore those, but also reminded me that half of them starve
themselves and are stick thin, which I am not, nor every want or
will be!

After giving it some thought I found a dress that mimicked the
mermaid style dress, but that was a bit more accommodating to my
body style. It extenuated the beautiful parts of my body and hit
the not so “up to par parts.”

I know you may think it mean that my husband did that, however,
I couldn’t be more grateful to him. If I would of chosen the
mermaid style because Hollywood always does, I would have been
self -conscious all night and would of just hated the pictures
and videos of my Wedding day. Instead, when I look back, I see a
glowing Queen that is happy with herself and in love!

So here are some of my suggestions. First, get online and
figure out your body style. Are you a pear shape, an orange, and
apple, a banana, an hourglass, etc?
There are a lot of different
names that we call different shapes and sizes, so find your

Once you’ve found your shape, fall in love with yourself. If
you are unhappy with the way you look, others will notice that.
So either fall in love with your shape and embrace it, or change
it. Work out, tone up, or fill out more, whatever you feel like
you need to do to be happy… than do it! It’s a good life lesson

Once you’ve either learned to love yourself or change
something’s to make you more happy… then go out Wedding dress

Pear shapes, make sure you go for tighter on the top and flowy
on the bottom making your upper body more defined as your big
bottom half is slenderized by the beautiful flowy bottom part of
the dress.

Banana shapes, you are the ones that can do mermaid styles in
you like. If not, then try and go for things that are tighter
all around. Banana shaped being to look very frumpy when the go
for bigger dresses.

Oranges, you have a harder time. Wither you are just bigger, or
bigger boned, this is a hard shape to work with. But I’ll tell
you what the best idea for you is. Go with a tight dress! I
know, you think that’s crazy right, well, here is the kicker…
over the dress wear a sheer shall that drapes across your back
and is held by your arms and covers that tummy in the front. It
allows you not to be so frumpy, but not skin tight where you
feel uncomfortable all night. You will be happy with that

All in all, love who you are and make sure not to wear something just cause the stars are. Make yourself feel and look like a Queen!

About the Author: az wedding videographer

by By Juhlin Youlein - 19 July 2008

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