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10 Ways to Date Your Spouse

A truly special date is one that you and your spouse are going to remember for years. When planning a special date, it is important to plan memorable activities to ensure that the night is one that your date will never forget. Of course, dinner in an elegant restaurant and a gift of long stemmed roses is always a special idea but there are more original ways to go about invoking romance on a date.

If you live close to a park or forest glen, you can use your location to create a special date. A picnic or a stroll along a wood at twilight is always special. The sound of animals scurrying and the whisper of leaves can be awe-inspiring and you are also likely to avoid the crowds that plague public areas during the morning and afternoon hours. It will be quiet so it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some meaningful conversation and get to know each other again.


One special date idea is to take a cooking class together and consider field trips as preludes to gourmet food stores special dates. Spending a few hours shopping for “gourmet” treats with your spouse can be a very special atmosphere and take the ho-hum out of the grocery getting grind. There are a couple of key elements to turning this school field trip into a special date.

First, find out what is the favorite food of your loved one. You may find out some new things about this person you have been living with! Next name dish after each other. You could do it unofficially by pointing out a particularly yummy dish you learn to cook and telling your spouse that you will think of them every time you taste it.

If taking a class is not the style of either of you try hiring a chef to come to your house to cook dinner. Candlelight dinners are always special and when you don’t have to worry about doing the cooking or the crowds at a restaurant it makes the evening extra special. You and your honey can enjoy a glass of sparkling cider while the chef prepares your dinner and will get to enjoy the aroma of the foods that are being cooked without having to do any of the work.


As previously mentioned, a dinner in an elegant restaurant is always special but there are ways to contribute to the romance aspect of this classic date idea. Hiring a limousine to drive you to your destination is one way to add to the special atmosphere. You and your date could also dress as elegantly as you would like even if the dress code at the restaurant does not require you to do so.

Many museums and aquariums rent out their facilities for after hours events. You could reserve the museum or aquarium for the evening and have a table set up by your date’s favorite exhibit so that you can enjoy a catered meal at the location. For example, having dinner in front of one of the large fish tanks at the aquarium makes for a wonderful atmosphere. This is an excellent way to really relax and enjoy yourselves and put some fun back into that marriage!

Renting several special movies and watching them in your own home can be another idea to add some spark to your marriage. You can prepare some figure foods so that you won’t have to worry about cooking an entire meal and feed each other and remember the old days when you took time for each other.

Making an effort to do something that is completely new to both of you can be another great get to know you again idea. You can plan a day trip to a town that either of you have ever visited or take an afternoon cruise.

The idea of doing something new together is always a good idea to pump up a relationship because it gives the two of you the chance to conquer something new together.

One final special date idea is to take a last minute weekend getaway together. Whether you plan a trip to enjoy the excitement of Las Vegas or the peace and quite of a mountain time you are sure to have a wonderful experience together. The idea of taking off and doing something at the last minute makes the whole adventure seem much more exciting and special to help capture the feeling that may only need to be aired out again.

We hope you found the ideas in the above article useful.