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Orlando Beach Weddings

Our experience when choosing a wedding location, and an explanation of our choice of an Orlando beach wedding. We chose Orlando, and after being tempted by a theme park wedding or a lovely Florida church wedding, we opted for the beach.

When a lot of people think of weddings in Orlando they think of spectacular, extravagant celebrations. However, just like anywhere else, there are a lot of options available, from a simple beach event, to the glitzy themed events available at some of the major tourist attractions.

It goes without saying that Orlando Florida is best known as the home of Disney World, Universal Studios. There are so many of them that it may well be the theme park capital of the world.

Nonetheless, there is a lot more that Orlando has to offer apart from theme parks. It has some gorgeous beaches, some beautiful gardens, and some of the finest chapels you will find in America.Orlando Beach Weddings - Location view

Weddings in Orlando do take place at all of these places, so there are a lot of options available for wedding event planners.

We decided to have our Orlando beach wedding originally for some pretty pragmatic reasons. You see, my wife grew up in Florida, and I grew up in Tennessee. Fairly obviously, we were going to choose one or the other, and we decided that Florida came out top.

A wedding in Orlando just made sense for us. After all, there are so many great luxury hotels to put people up in. We had the city for our wedding chosen so the question which we then needed to answer was, what kind of wedding event did we want to have?

One of the first things we thought about, of course, was the possibility of having a Disney World wedding. I didn't even know that you could get married at Disney World, but apparently you can. There is a lot of charm to it. It is a pretty fantastic place, complete with mock up castles, great rides and roller coasters, and some pretty extravagant parties and parades.

Although we didn't in the end decide to have a Disney World wedding, there was a lot that was tempting about it. The problem was that we just had too big a group of people. We thought that it would be better to have a wedding somewhere with fewer distractions where it would be easier to keep everyone together.

We finally decided that the best thing to do would be to have a wedding on the beach. Orlando beach weddings need not be held at luxurious resorts. Although there are few secluded beaches in Florida, they do exist. If you reserve a space ahead of time, you can guarantee having a solitary gathering where all of your friends and family can enjoy the ocean without having to be subjected to crowds. My wife's family likes big parties, but my family are a more sedate and a down to earth bunch.

Having a wedding on the beach by the ocean seemed like one of the most perfect and romantic things we could do, and so it proved to be. The weather was wonderful and everyone seemed so much more natural and relaxed on the beach. Although not all couples would find it ideal, I would really recommend it.
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