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Mexican Wedding Locations and the  Joy Of Mexican Weddings
We have searched the web for you to bring you these romantic wedding venue ideas.

Mexican wedding locations number among the best in the world. Mexicans are simply really good at these sorts of celebrations. All Latinos love to celebrate special occasions with music, dances, food, and stories. Family celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, family celebrations, Christmas, and the Day of the Dead are also very important in the Hispanic community.

In addition, for you and your guests, Mexico offers some of the most diverse travel experiences on the planet and the United States and Canada are fortunate to share the continent with such a great and culturally rich country.

The people are wonderful, the food varied and superb, and the country's storied history has left significant architectural and cultural marvels throughout the land.

A wedding kiss - Mexico destinationsMexico City offers everything a modern, savvy traveler or family vacationer could ever want. The array of restaurants and culinary options is staggering, and the nightlife is some of the best in the world.

It is a great idea to go to Mexico City, and then go to e.g. Acapulco to get married. Mexico City is a sprawling metropolis of 22 million people. There’s so much to see and do there that you can only do a few of the many highlights on any one trip, but we encourage you to explore its complex and unique mix of modern and traditional elements. Mexico has become a great destination for weddings, because of the variety of settings and different types of destinations available. Whether you'd prefer a beautiful beach wedding on the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean, or a more traditional Mexican wedding inland, there are tons of choices for your Mexico destination wedding.

With all-inclusive Mexico vacations a host of great Mexican wedding locations are at your fingertips as and when you want to visit one and tie the knot.

With exotic locations throughout Mexico, you're sure to find a beautiful resort that provides exactly what you're looking for.

All-inclusive resorts offer unparalleled value for your special occasion in one simple, upfront price.

Try the links below for some really good Mexican wedding locations, including some where you will be staying in hotels with less than 300 rooms Many are full-service resorts offering plenty of amenities and recreation options, while being somewhat intimate. One of these providers suggests that while the bride and groom plan the final wedding details, guests can be windsurfing, sailing, or kayaking.

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For the added local magic of a Mexican wedding location we suggest that you might want to book Mexican folkloric dancers to perform to the music of a mariachi band played. It is common at some weddings in Mexico for the couple to pass out props with each type of dance music to keep the party lively, and you may want to do something like that. Mexican traditional celebrations are famous worldwide for spontaneity and the color or its happy hubbub, the delicious dishes and the plentiful time the celebration lasts.

Mexico boasts many boutique hotels throughout the country, most of which can be rented out for weddings. We found one example with four suites, the Casa Cid de Leon in Oaxaca City (www.casaciddeleon.com ). This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, plus this is one of the smallest boutique hotels in the region and an ideal choice for a smaller private group.

Mexico bride and groom look at each otherWith its fine powdery sands, its warm azure waters and beautiful tropical vegetation set against the amazing Mayan ruins, Cancun couldn't be a more ideal location for a nostalgic and romantic wedding. One web site describes the weddings at this location as follows:-

“Just picture a sparkling blend of whites and blues, the glistening sun illuminating the luscious backdrop of ancient ruins forming a perfect and harmonious picture of bliss. Then imagine you and your lover in the picture and you'll have the perfect wedding image.”

But your options do not end here, according to our web site research (web pages listed below) you could get married anywhere on the Riviera Maya besides Cancun, beautiful weddings can arranged in Cozumel or in the mystical deserted island of Isla Mujeres. With their beautiful water fronts, they make ideal spots to host weddings. These places are on the tropical side of Mexico, and they are really amazing because there is a combination of greenery and water. [14]


Cancun is is an important tourist destinations in all of Mexico and the world. Its superb Caribbean location makes it the perfect place for everything from ecotourism, snorkeling, horseback riding and fishing, to golf, scuba diving, surfing and sailing. Cancun is the ultimate vacation and resort destination whether your idea of a good time is surfing, kayaking, fishing and swimming or just laying in the tropical sun. On the lagoon side, there is an abundance of water sports equipment for rental for one day or an entire vacation.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is a three-hour drive from Acapulco, or about a seven-hour drive direct from Mexico City, by air a short half our flight. As you pass Zihuatanejo on your way into town from the airport, you start to climb the mountain that separates this charming town from its newer half, Ixtapa. Ixtapa is located on the Pacific coast and is considered one of Mexico's most beautiful beach destinations. Nestled between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific ocean, this destination consists of the picturesque town of Zihuatanejo, which has a traditional rural feel, and Ixtapa, a modern tourist resort with quality hotels and a marina with more than 600 slips.

We hope we have assisted you in providing ideas for a great Mexican wedding.

by Steve Evans - 26 October 2008

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More Tips

Weddings signify the union between two people as they prepare to join in holy matrimony. Weddings can be big, elaborate events with multi-tiered cakes and decorative floral arrangements from wall to wall. On the other hand, they can be down to earth ceremonies for the closest of friends and family. Whatever kind of wedding you want, the tips in this article will help you prepare for it.

Choose a venue that is willing to work with your schedule. Sometimes, the room rent will be completely waived by the facility if you use a certain amount of their catering and concession services. This can be a great way to save on renting a venue, especially since weddings are so expensive.

You don't have to have a white or ivory wedding dress if you don't want to, so spice up your wedding day with some color! You can choose a pastel color that highlights your hair or eyes, or have bursts of a bright color like red highlighting the details on your dress.

When you are planning for the wedding, make sure that both sides have an equal contribution. If you disagree on how something should be, try to compromise as best as possible. This will help you to form a vital skill that you will need a lot when you get married.

Get married in an unusual location. The most popular venues in town will book early and will be very expensive. Consider going to an aquarium or a museum and seeing what they charge for a reception. Their packages usually include almost everything that you will need, and they cost less than other traditional venues.

Shop around! Make sure you call plenty of florists when you are pricing flowers for your big day. Wedding flowers can be one of the costliest parts of your planning process. You may want to look into creating your own arrangements and buying your flowers from a wholesale outlet. There are many flower arranging tips online that can help.

Regardless of whether you are going into a wedding with issues or have the perfect relationship, seek out premarital counseling. Counseling can help increase the chance of having a successful marriage and will teach you a lot of tips that you can put into practice before, during, and after your wedding.

As we all know, weddings are a union between two people in holy matrimony. Weddings can be elaborate with big cakes and lots of flowers, or small and intimate, filled with close friends and family. The tips from this article will help you prepare for either size wedding so that your ceremony will be fun and successful.