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Fun Activities to Plan and Do: Engagement and wedding games and activities

We hope that you will enjoy planning and organising some of the activities suggested here. If you have more ideas just email us and we will consider adding all good clean fun and enjoyable activities.

Marriage Quiz Looking for a fun marriage quiz?

Here it is.

1. You just realized you falsely accused your spouse of leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Do you admit you were wrong: A. Within a minute B. Right after your Dad starts watching the soaps C. Sometime before bed


2. You have been charged with planning your next “just the two of us” vacation. You choose: A. A weeklong trip to soak in the sun and gaze into one another’s eyes over Mai Tai’s as the sun sets B. A weekend at your moms C. A three-day stay at home finishing the DIY projects around your house

3. You get lucky (with your spouse, of course) A. Tri-weekly B. Try weakly C. Try weekly

4. The IRS just refunded you $15,000 of taxes you overpaid during the last 7 years. Do you: A. Agree on what to do B. Have a huge fight about what to do with the money C. Split the money in half and each do something different with it

5. You sit down for some evening television watching. Which of the best describes your situation: A. Television? We cuddle to discuss our feelings and world views. B. I hold the remote, my spouse knits or plays on his laptop. C. It’s a race to the remote.

6. Which food best describes your most recent kiss? A. Belgium chocolates of the highest quality B. Three-day old leftovers C. As American as apple pie

7. Can you name three places your spouse likes to be tickled? A. I sure can, but I’m not telling B. Nope C. I can guess one or two

8. You finally splurged on a sports car and took it for a spin. You wrecked it and have to call your husband to tell him his baby is gone. The first thing he asks is: A. Are you OK? Was anyone hurt? B. Is it OK if I move out? C. Where are the hidden cameras?

9. Your wife wants to host a Christmas party with you dressed up as Santa. You hate the idea but respond: A. Sure, honey, and maybe after the party you can be my little helper B. No way, no how. C. Reluctantly agree to playing the part but only for 10 minutes

10. You define communication as: A. The ability and willingness to listen to your spouse with an open heart. B. Whoops, I saw something shiny. What was the question? C. Sports, sex and celebrities. Anything else?

11. You’ve just finished making love and your spouse asks for a snack. You respond: A. "I’m on my way. Would you like ice cream, a sandwich or shall I whip up some pudding?” B. Nothing, you’re already asleep. C. "I think there are some crackers in the nightstand.”

Score yourself on this marriage quiz by collecting 3 points for each A answer, two points for each B you chose and score 1 point for each C answer you gave on this marriage quiz.

If your marriage quiz score total is 26 or more, congratulations. You seem to have a very happy marriage.

If you scored between 17 and 25, you have a good marriage and probably enjoy your spouse much of the time.

Did you find yourself answering B a lot and score a total of 16 or less? You might want to go pillow shopping; you have many nights on the couch in your future.

This is meant for entertainment purposes only. This marriage quiz should not be used as a serious marriage evaluation tool.

We hope you found the ideas in the above article useful.