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Is a Las Vegas Wedding for You?

It’s talked about in such a tone of voice that a Las Vegas wedding is almost a cliché. 

Is it really legal to get married on what could be called – and some actually admit to being – a whim?  What makes getting married in Las Vegas so popular?  Why do so many couples choose to make it the place for their big day (or night as the case may be in Vegas)?

Setps to Get Married AccessoriesThere are two very different opinions on Las Vegas as a wedding venue.  Some people feel that a Las Vegas marriage is something that should avoided like all-in-one tight white suits.  Then there are others who see the city as a place to have a wedding that’s unlike anything they’d probably envisaged their own ceremony to be.  There are couples who arrive in the city with a Las Vegas marriage their main focus.  Then there are others for whom a good night at the tables means a gold band to place beside the extra chips on the hotel dresser.

It’s not possible to just arrive in Vegas and expect to get married however.  Even in this fun-filled city, there are formalities that have to be observed.  Be prepared to wait in line (on some days a LONG line) for your marriage license for example – without this not even the drive-thru wedding chapel is going to marry you!  If you check in advance what you need, and have your paperwork in order, then the processing takes only as long as the line of couples ahead of you take to move along.  Once you hold the license you are free to choose the location of your choice – and if you want a Las Vegas marriage, you’ve got plenty of choice!Marriage Guide Boouquet

Many people come to Vegas for a Las Vegas marriage for one thing – Elvis!   Memphis may have been Elvis’ home, but Vegas is home to Elvis – or rather his impersonators!  For those who have a thing for the King, then Vegas is a must for the perfect Las Vegas wedding.  Whether you want to be married by “him”, witness your ceremony, or serenade you as your read your vows, you’ll be able to find a venue that will provide exactly the kind of Elvis wedding you want. 

If you and your partner are staying at one of the hotels on the strip, ask at the front desk if you aren’t sure about what your options for venue are.  Some of the hotels even have an in-house wedding planner available who can help you find the wedding of your dreams in Vegas.  They will be able to advise you on everything from where to find a dress if you haven’t brought one with you, to getting some photographs, and tracking down the perfect venue for your ceremony.

Even without a wedding planner, a Las Vegas wedding is fairly simple to arrange however.  With some of the venues open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there’s usually some time available for a reservation at the venue of your choosing.  Talks to the owners of the venue, most of them offer a variety of packages that range from tacky to tasteful with everything in between.  Whether you want the whole nine yards of flowers, photos, video, and specially created vows along with your ceremony – or whether you prefer to just complete the legalities and leave – you’ll have no trouble finding what you desire. 

Love them or hate them, a Las Vegas wedding is something of an enigma.  Initial marriage, special anniversary, or just a blessing in a hotel lobby surrounded by Centurions, Vegas does them all – and what better place could there be to take the biggest gamble of them all, marriage!

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