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Choosing Your Honeymoon Package in Romantic Locations
It Pays Tell your Travel Agent you want to book a honeymoon and ask for their honeymoon package

Honeymoon packages have been in on offer from most hoteliers for quite some time now and they offer convenience and are designed to provide a special event for newlyweds while still being affordable. Couples do use these honeymoon packages to have the time of their lives without having to worry about extra costs. In other words, honeymoon packages are trips that include most of the items that couples want in order to have a dream vacation. Most honeymoon packages include romantic accommodation plus entertainment and activities.

Fiji offers great honeymoon packages
  Fiji: a wonderful honeymoon destination

Planning and putting together the specifics of a full-scale event, which a honeymoon is, takes numerous hours and travel event expertise. The couple should meet (in person or via phone) with their all inclusive honeymoon company, tell them their wishes, and the company should make it happen.

Planning for this special occasion requires more than simply reserving a room. A good honeymoon hotel will arrange your events, and through their unique knowledge of the local area and partnerships in the locality, put all the best events and amenities into your itinerary. This is simply something that you can't do on your own!

Almost immediately I think of these honeymoon packages I begin to also think about particular examples in order to explain just how worthwhile it can be to seek out special honeymoons in this way. You see in life almost all hoteliers and their hotel staffs remember their own honeymoons and like to really join in and add to the experience for their newly wedded couples.

Bora bora - great for honeymoons!To give you idea of one idyllic honeymoon package I would like to tell you about one resort. It is located on the west coast of Tahiti, on a charming beach surrounded by tropical gardens. The resort, recently renovated, features 216 stylish, light filled rooms, each with a private balcony and many with spectacular views over the mountains or across the lagoon toward the Tahiti Island of Moorea.

Of the many other resort honeymoon packages which include those romantic extras to make your special honeymoon vacation even more special is on Fiji. When planning your Fiji honeymoon holiday, do make sure you check out all the great packages available.

Also we have heard that if you plan your Wedding and Honeymoon at The Cerf Island Resort, you can do this in one easy step and that really should take the stress out of planning your wedding and honeymoon. The hoteliers at Cerf Island Resort say that they have the venue and service which will make for their honeymooners, one of the most special occasions in their lives. These honeymoons promise to be both blissful and memorable.

India - for a great honeymoon packageThere are also a number of exotic Indian destinations for honeymooners where they already eager and are planning to make the most beautiful moments of your life unforgettable. One example is Indiaholidaypackages.com where they offer magical moments for honeymooners from destinations throughout India, and no doubt worldwide as well. India is known for its vast topographical differences and climatic range which in the process gives rise to a vast diversity of flora and fauna. It is no surprise that India has some of the most exotic honeymoon destinations where you can have the best enjoyment of a life time. The winds, surroundings, passion and excitement in these destinations will make almost be bound to make your dream come true. India is a mystical country. She has given birth to the world’s most important religions. Rely upon it; they know about honeymoons and how to make them great.

Planning and anticipating your honeymoon can be a big part of the enjoyment up to a certain point. If you wish to spend more time, and it does usually make sense to do so, then please do get down to the tiniest details when planning your honeymoon. After all you honeymoon will be the most important holiday of your life and so it is right if it takes more time than your average holiday. However, right from the start do mention to your travel agent that the holiday is your honeymoon so you can take advantage of any available upgrades and honeymoon packages available.

Boa Bora - wonderfulTahitian honeymoonsOther examples of honeymoon holiday packages are Couples Negril which (we are told, although this seems to be an amazing thing!) requires as little as a 3 night stay to receive a free Caribbean Wedding package. Couples can avail themselves of any one of the many honeymoon packages that the Caribbean has to offer. But, why should newlyweds alone receive this? Couples celebrating anniversaries are often invited as well. To get your share of freebies, be sure to tell your travel agent or the cruise line reservation agent that you'll be celebrating on the cruise.

The romance of a great honeymoon will always be remembered by both of you and live forever in your memories. Romance comes in many forms and nobody knows how to foster it so that it may flourish during a wonderful honeymoon, better than those hoteliers and resort manager which specialize in providing these holidays. So take care to choose which is right for you and have just the most wonderful time together!

by Steve Evans - 2 February 2009

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Your Honeymoon

Going on your honeymoon is amazing, but when you come back to the office all radiant and joyful you might be brought down to Earth quickly by the work which has piled up. Irate coworkers banging on your door will not be a fun way to return to work, so make sure to plan with your peers how you will ensure your work load is covered while you're away.

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Unless you have a specific date to commemorate with your wedding, look for a date outside the peak season. May through September is the time of year when weddings are booming. This will drive prices for venues, vendors and service providers to its yearly height. Look for dates off season and save some of your budget for your honeymoon.

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Steve Evans writes for many web sites and is an EzineArticles platinum author.