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Getting Married in Florida
Ideas and feedback from previous, families, brides and grooms. For those getting married in Florida.

Weddings on the beach must be the first image in most people’s minds when you decide that you are getting married in Florida. Florida weddings can be as romantic or fun as you want them to be and it is the perfect place for tropical and fun beach weddings. Whether you are looking for a small and intimate ceremony or you are planning a formal affair, there is something in the state for everyone. Many full tropical set ups are available.

Couples will enjoy fine dining options offered by the resorts while getting married on the sandy beaches.

To aid you in your search we thought that we would pull together various wedding sites with Florida weddings offered, plus comments and feedback items we found on the web, for your assistance in finding your ideal Florida wedding, as follows:-

1. Weddings set up and performed on the central east coast of Florida. Full tropical set ups available.


2. Wedding days are usually known to be full of stress - our day however was laid back and easygoing thanks to Kristin and Jason. We would recommend Sun Kissed to absolutely anyone wanting to do a beach wedding.


3. Weddings on the beach can be as romantic or fun you want them to be and Central Florida is the perfect place for tropical and fun beach weddings. Whether you are looking for a small and intimate ceremony or you are planning a formal affair, these people promise that there is something for everyone.


4. Experience the wedding of your dreams at the event facilities located in the Renaissance Waverly Hotel, providing the perfect Atlanta wedding site. Featuring over 60,000 square feet of event space at this beautiful Atlanta wedding facility, the Grand Ballroom alone can accommodate up to 900 seated guests for receptions.


5. Experience the magical partnership of horses and riders in the thrills of jumping, the elegance of dressage (a sport that tests a horse’s collected movements, maneuvers and responsiveness to a rider’s signals) and the grace of show hunters. Now you can have it all!


6. Everything was on time, everything was beautiful and her attention to detail and organization skills were responsible for the perfect event. I will use her again and again and again.


7. Everything from the cake, to the favors, to the food, to the flowers can be, and should be, incorporated into the theme. Staying consistent with the theme will make the wedding flow more smoothly and will provide you and your guests with a wedding that will not soon be forgotten.


8. “Everything was picture perfect. She arranged a phenomenal hair dresser/make-up artist and everything else was worked out to the last detail eliminating pre-wedding stress! “


9. “Everything was just perfect. As you know, I was a little uneasy about never having met you guys, but was so unbelievably pleased, everyone is still talking about how much they liked you.”


by Steve Evans -

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