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Fun Activities to Plan and Do: Engagement and wedding games and activities

We hope that you will enjoy planning and organising some of the activities suggested here. If you have more ideas just email us and we will consider adding all good clean fun and enjoyable activities.

Fun Marriage Ideas for Your Children

Whether it’s a first or second marriage, getting children involved with the wedding events and activities is a great way to create a valuable and memorable experience for everyone involved! Letting children take part directly or indirectly with the festivities means that they can participate in the ceremonies with a positive mindset.

They are more likely to appreciate your marriage, and have fun in the process. During the ceremony, children can get involved with the marriage plans and activities in many ways. Children can help with setting up flowers, decorations, and handing out wedding favors.

They can be a part of the exchange of vows, and serve as the flower girl or ring bearer. Children can walk with the bride or groom, and truly become a part of the official ceremony as a result. At the reception, children can be involved in having guests sign the guest book. They can also pass out wedding favors, help with decorating the tables, greet guests, and help with seating.

If they enjoy decorating, they can help with adorning the walls and tables with their chosen decorative pieces. They can be stationed at the gifts table and make sure everything is organized, and all guest gifts are acknowledged.

It might even be a good idea to have them take notes on who gave what gifts for later! Children can be involved in the toast celebrations, as well as a candle lighting ceremony. If they are attending he bridal or groom party, they can be given a formal welcome as a ‘special’ guest. Whenever younger children are involved, it’s important to make sure they feel comfortable and have a good time.

If they have friends they would like to invite to the wedding party or reception, it is a great way to ensure that they will not get bored, or get in trouble too easily! Children can become a part of a special child vow, where they can honor their mother or father’s new partner. This can be fun and memorable, and also as formal as the wedding coordinators would like them to be. The children can be formally dressed for the event, and help to develop the script or short poem for the group.

It’s a great way fro them to become comfortable with the new arrangement and changes in a memorable way. If there will be other children attending the wedding party, it’s a good idea to arrange for children’s activities or a children’s-only table for seating, drinks, and party games. Having the children organize their own games with special prizes is a great way for everyone to get involved.

If the children are not a part of the wedding ceremony or reception at all, delegating them tasks to help with setting up and cleaning up can be just as fun! You can arrange for a caretaker or babysitter to lead the group of children throughout the event, and maybe even start up an arts and crafts section, games area, or other low-key activity to keep everyone busy and happy.




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