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Five Steps To Creating A Great Speech for a Wedding
Create a superbly appropriate and personal wedding speech

All those involved in any wedding look forward to the huge delight of a well crafted and personally relevant speech, written around the lives of the joyous couple, and others present.

It is remarkable how often the groom, the best man, and the parents do manage to provide speeches which are both memorable, even magical to the bride and groom, and unique to their family and that wedding.

But, there is no escaping the fact that before any one of us can begin to deliver that gem of a speech for a wedding, we have to write it.

Very few of us can just stand up and conjure up a great speech. even amongst the professionals. So, it is important you plan ahead creatively and have a written speech, committed to memory, and ready for what you wish to say at the reception.

Here are 5 steps to writing a marriage speech which will leave an enduring impression on all present, and become a part of their fond memories of the event.


Write! Write! Write! The issue the general public make when first writing a marriage speech is they try and produce the ideal speech as if it immediately falls off the pen as they put pen to paper. I am sure there are some people out there with just that sort of talent, but I don't care what anyone says for all but a tiny percentage of us speech writing takes time and a substantial commitment to thinking and trying out ideas. To first capture those ideas as they come to you in a fairly random way is to write down everything and anything that springs to mind.

Think about each memory, joke, and special moment you could have shared with the bride and bridegroom.


Develop your thoughts now you have those loads of info you wrote down on a chunk of paper. The very next step is to marshall these thoughts into some sort of logical order. At this point in the process you may need to look at sample speeches online to find out how folks have arranged their speech.

Think about how you need to start the speech, when you wish to chuck in a joke or 2, and how you need to wrap the speech up.


The last stage is to copy as quickly as you can, and before you know it, you have got a rough draft completed with a general concept for what order you would like things to be, havung done that it's time to supply the final copy.

This is where most of the people start, but you'll find it is far easier to finish an amazing speech after writing and fashioning your thoughts first. The goal of course, is to make a speech for your wedding which the bride and bridegroom will forever remember.


Practice now you have your speech all finished, it's time to practice as much as possible. You don't need the 1st time you present your speech to be at the marriage. It's vital you know what tone to use, a way to deliver diverse parts of the speech, and the way to confidently present in general. The more that you can practice the better off you'll be.


Last adjustments: if you can, attempt to practice in front of pals or family. This will enable you to make any last minute adjustments as well as hearing what tips or recommendation folk could have.

A marriage speech is supposed to be a time where you can express how you really feel about the bride and bridegroom. For that reason, you would like to display your overpowering joy and contentment for the 2 thru your speech.

So long as you follow the rules listed in this post, you could have no problem making an extraordinary speech.

by Steve Evans - 10 December 2009

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More Tips on Wedding Speeches

If you are a maid of honor or best man in a wedding, you may want to consider writing your speech before the wedding. Having to think of what to say on the spot can cause you embarrassment and pressure. Make sure to include what you like about the newlyweds and what they mean to you.

When you are giving your speech at the wedding, understand that it is okay to show emotions. The stories that you tell will most likely be very emotional, as everyone at the wedding will be expecting you to shed some tears. Let it all out, to show how much each story means to you.

When giving a wedding toast, keep it short simple and sweet. There will be many people who do not know who you are, and will be uninterested in what you have to say if you are giving a long winded speech. Also, if you are going to tell a funny story, do not pick one that will embarrass the bride or groom. Remember, it is their special day.

If you are responsible for giving a speech at the wedding or reception you need to prepare your remarks before the wedding day. It seems like it might be easy to say something off the top of your head, but it is best to plan your words out so you don't say anything embarrassing to the couple or yourself.

If you are feeling the pressure and stress from planning your wedding you could use a little piece of mind. This article has given you ways that you can have the beautiful day you are wanting, and also reduce the amount of stress you are feeling over getting it all done on time.