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Weddding Day - The Father of the Bride's Toast

One of the most important days in the life of any father who has a daughter, is her wedding day. This is the day when a man, in essence, entrusts his little girl to another person. It’s a joyous occasion usually filled with laughter, tears and memories. It’s also a time when a father of the bride toast is required, and for a man who doesn’t view himself as articulate this can create a quandary.

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This speech is designed to evoke all of the emotions that the father is feeling on this once-in-a-lifetime day. There’s often a great deal of pressure associated with the father of the bride toast and it’s quite acceptable for someone else to help him gather his thoughts together and get them on paper. For some men, they look to their wife or the mother of their child to help with the father of the bride toast. Others feel they need the help of a professional.

Although businesses have been in operation for years that offer speech writing services, they’ve become more acceptable and common place today. Years ago there seemed to be a taboo attached to the idea of having someone else write a speech for you. Now, it’s seen as completely acceptable and even preferred in many cases.

The procedure is relatively simple and mainly involves finding someone who can capture what you wish to say. Even though some people may think the idea of a cut and paste father of the bride toast is fine, most parents aren’t looking for this at all. Instead they want to capture some of the personal moments they recall during the life of their daughter and also speak about her future with her new husband. In order to have someone unfamiliar with the family, write a father of the bride toast like this, there needs to be some communication beyond requesting a standard speech.

A great idea is to schedule a sit down with the writer and go over some of the details that the father feels should be included. Once a first draft of the father of the bride toast is done, it should be read aloud by the man who will be giving the speech to see how he feels about it. Most speech writing services will include a first and second draft before the final father of the bride toast is written.

Practicing it a few times before the big day arrives is a great idea. This is especially true if the father of the bride toast is an emotional one and the man delivering it is feeling that emotion. Everyone expects some tears of joy at the wedding, so every dad should remember this when he is speaking about his little girl who is all grown up.