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The Journal of Marriage and Family

Here is our review of this respected publication.

The Journal of Marriage and Family is a publication of the National Council on Family Relations.

It has been in print for 60 years, and it is considered a leading research journal in the family field. About the Journal of Marriage and Family is published five times each year, in February, May, August, November, and December. The average issue is over 250 pages long. Articles about Marrying

It boasts a circulation of more than 6,200, with readers around the world. Within the pages of Journal of Marriage and Family, readers can find original research, interpretation and reviews, theoretical pieces, critical discussions, and book reviews on relevant topics. While the word "marriage" is in the journal's title, it also includes articles concerning other close relationships outside of the commitment of marriage.

Just to provide a sample of the journal's content, a recent issue included articles on children's views of cohabitation, shared values in marital relationships, the deciding spouse in separations, the psychological ramifications of divorce, and aggression in Asian-American families. As a scholarly publication, Journal of Marriage and Family isn't light reading. However, non-professionals may still enjoy the insights it offers into married life and family dynamics.

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Finding the Journal of Marriage and family isn't like obtaining just any ordinary magazine. It is not a magazine you're going to find in the racks at your local Walmart. A subscription to the journal is included with membership in the National Council on Family Relations.
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Members can also access the full text of current and past articles online, eliminating the need to hunt for back issues. There are special rates for student members, making the journal accessible to budding professionals. Non-members and institutions can order a subscription through Blackwell Publishing. Most university and college libraries will include the journal in their collections. However, not everyone has access to a university library. Some public libraries carry a surprising number of professional and scholarly journals, depending on the needs of their patrons.

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You may also be able to request issues of the magazine through interlibrary loan. Another option is online databases. Many libraries subscribe to these databases of articles because they allow you to access the content of thousands of journals from any computer with the proper login information. You can then print exactly the articles you need without having to get your hands on a physical copy of the publication.

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Back issues of Journal of Marriage and Family are available for sale from used booksellers, both brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers and auctions. If you're new to the profession, you may also be able to borrow past issues from fellow colleagues in the field. If you're a student, and you're having difficulty finding an issue, your professor may be able to help you if they have their own collection of journals.
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Contributing to the Journal Journal of Marriage and Family accepts manuscript submissions from scholars in fields related to marriage and family life, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, and economics. The publication will consider research based on quantitative or qualitative methods, or multi-method approaches. Competition can be tough, with only about 15% of all submissions being published. Even accepted manuscripts typically require revision.

However, it is a distinguished publishing credit for researchers looking to make a name for themselves in the family field. The Journal of Marriage and Family is a respected publication that is well worth a look if you are involved in a field related to marriage and families, whether it be counseling, education, or a number of other related professions. The articles contained in its pages will keep you up-to-date on the latest theories and the best research, while stimulating ideas for your own practice.